Advertising Campaign – Fun Game

Advertising Campaign – Fun Game

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If you’re strongly passionate about what you do, advertising will feel like a fun game. “Fun game?” You might say, “I’m stressing out!”


Your stress can be transformed into satisfaction once you see that advertising is much like telling people what you love to do and why they should come to you for it. The main difference is you are using multiple channels to send that message. And if you love what you do, why would telling others what you’re great at be stressful?

Today’s advertising campaign can have a near-infinite combination of methods to share your message. Ultimately, you want to use the best tools to reach the audience you specifically targeted.


The Action Plan

This is your overall strategy and defined methods for execution. You can advertise randomly but that would be a waste of resources and time. Give yourself or your team a timeline for selecting the kinds of advertising are best to use, the money budgeted for those channels and the timeframe each is to be released.


The Budget

This is one of the most important elements to your campaign. Without proper funding, how will you execute? Be realistic about your goals and the funding you can raise for them. Who is contributing funding? Are you using loans or personal money from your accounts? Are you involved in a side business that will help fund your current project? This isn’t just about following the money; it’s also about knowing where the money will come from.


Media Opportunities Within Budget

Is it more efficient to launch a highly expensive campaign and invest all of your funding into it, or work on smaller campaigns and allow potential revenue to result from it, enabling you to do more? Find the best opportunities within your current budget. Spread them out among the various channels so you can reach the diversity of your audience. If you put all of your eggs in one basket, what happens if the basket breaks or the all of the eggs crack?


The Advertising Channels

This brings us to the many ways you an advertise including:

–    Internet radio

–    Old-school radio

–    Magazines

–    Blog posts

–    Press releases

–    Newspaper ads

–    Mailing lists

–    Classic brochures and flyers

–    Business cards

–    Television

–    Social media

–    Personal website

Your advertising strategy will be influenced by the type of consumer you have, where they hang out and their demographic/psychographic profiles.


Yes, The Freelancers

So you know how to advertise and the many ways you can launch your message, but you might not be skilled at all of the crafts needed to employ them. Hiring freelancers can be an essential avenue for obtaining those skills without having to hire someone full-time. There are specialists out there who love what they do and can be tapped to handle specific jobs. During your relationships, you may build long-term professional connections and have your freelancers on an unofficial “retainer,” where they become available for you to utilize when the need arises.


Knowing Your Audience

This brings us to a critical piece of your advertising puzzle: who are you advertising to? Invest time in understanding your ideal consumer. The more you know about daily living, wants and needs, the more targeted your campaigns will become, the more efficient your message, and the more potential revenue per campaign you reap from sharing with the right people.


Is There An End? Is There A Magic Bullet?

The more you share with others, the more they will advertise for you. That’s the magic bullet called word of mouth, and nothing will beat a genuine customer talking about your value to someone else because they had a positive experience. The more you love what you do, the greater your passion will be to tell the world. It’ll only end when your passion ends. With advertising, your mission is to find the match between what you offer and the people who want or need and provide value to them.

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