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Brochure Design

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Promotion through brochures is the best way of marketing your business and getting success.

This miracle can happen if brochure has perfect design and can easily persuade your potential customer. The design requires a visual appeal and should communicate your message through colour, composition, texts, images and content. Catchy tag lines grab attention with in fraction of time. They are short and attractive and communicate what this piece of glossy paper is meant for. Bright coloured tag lines can easily catch sight and play an important role in reaching potential customers. Font of these tag lines should not be too large or too small. If it covers the center of the brochure, it can be a perfect one. It is not always important to place tag lines in the center.

Size of text needs to be large enough to be read without any struggle.

Colors are important to choose and they really give an idea about purpose of the brochure.

Themes are required to choose certain shades of colors or what kind of organization is it for.

For example if a brochure has to be designed for some community radio channel run by women and their target audience are women, then you can use shades of pink and black. Pink is a symbol of femininity and black signifies class.

You can always color your theme and give the reader a specific feeling tied to it. If foreground is dark then background has to be light and text should be readable.

Properly aligned text and borders give it a professional look.

Strong and beautiful images are important to show what an organization is about or what sorts of services it gives.

Relevant and best content in brochure ensures chances of purchases and profits. Innovative and unique brochure designs help promoting activities; thus assuring increase in sales.

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