Importance of About Page

Importance of About Page

Importance of About Page

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We’ve mentioned before how your website is basically a visual electronic presentation of yourself in all the aspects possible. Although, when creating a custom website, you always do your best to only show your positive qualities, it is not uncommon that you subconsciously reveal more about yourself than you intend. For that reason you should always pay special attention to your website when creating content, and particularly the about page. Your About page is the part of your website where you actually, explicitly talk about who you are, what your plans are and describe your website.

You should start by saying who you are. The common practice is stating your name and basic information, but if you want to stand out in your field you should change that. Instead, try going deeper. Talk about your hobbies, your passions. Try mentioning your family as an important driving force or share some of your personal memories, because people will appreciate seeing the more human side of you.

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When it comes to your plans, you should always be as specific and as straightforward as possible. Present your idea, explain why it is good and share your vision and enthusiasm for it. People may not be enchanted with your idea, but if you explain where your enthusiasm comes from and your future plans they may understand your point of view.

Finally, describe the actual websiteWhy is website your medium? What made you create a custom website to convey your message? Share the struggles you’ve encountered while composing it, the doubts, and the uncertainty. Again, by doing this, you will emphasize the fact that you’re just a regular human being as they all are. If you manage to establish a connection, your work is almost done.

As you can see, there is a lot to be said about what may appear to be an insignificant part of your website. However, this only proves how much of an impact even the smallest of elements can have. For that reason, whether you’re making your own custom website or you’ve hired professional to do it for you, it is of the upmost importance to embed yourself in it as much as you can. Your visitors will certainly appreciate it.

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