Logo Basics

Logo Basics

Logo Basics

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Creating a good logo is not an easy task. Logo should be a clear representation of your skills, services or ideas, should be everlasting (that its meaning won’t change as years go by), should be memorable, and much more. There are people whose job is creating logos but it is essential to understand that the business owner must always be included in the process.

Yes, designing a logo is always a process. Whether you’re designing for you or someone else, it basically follows the same rules. The first thing you have to do is gather as much information about the company as possible. If it’s your own company, try observing it from the perspective of your clients, because you might not be quite objective otherwise. Once you’ve done that, focus on the field that the business belongs to. It is important to understand the industry, the competition, to observe and note interesting facts.

s-4Having completed the research, you may turn to illustrations. They don’t need to be too profound or detailed; they just need to be a physical representation of your thoughts. That is important step because most of the times things aren’t quite as they appear in our head. During this step you should often take breaks and forget about the designs altogether. This will clear your head and provide a fresh perspective on the ideas.

Finally, once you’ve chosen an idea you can proceed with the design. Of course, the final design depends on your skills or the skills of the hired professional, but it also requires clearing your head and observing objectively. If the logo doesn’t quite satisfy you, don’t be afraid to delete it and start the whole process from scratch. You must be completely satisfied with the results because, after all, it is something that you’ll have to look at numerous times. If you grow tired of it, so will your clients.


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