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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

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The term responsive web design refers to creating a website that can be accessed using all of the modern internet devices. The idea is that you get the same content whether you’re browsing from your personal computer, tablet, or a mobile phone. Same content, however, doesn’t mean the same resolution or structure, as various devices have various features, and a good website must be designed to accommodate them all.

The first thing you have to have in mind when it comes to responsive web design is the idea that the mobile or tablet users should have a similar, if not the same, experience when browsing through website, as pc users. Responsive web design means striving towards that.

One way to do that is to plan ahead. When you’re creating your website (whether you use someone’s services or not) you should be aware that a large number of your visitors will be using their mobile phones to access the website, which is why your design should be as mobile–friendly as possible. Choose a layout that can easily adapt to any resolution and create objects that can be clearly seen even when they are scaled down.

Responsive Web Design

Also, think about how you organize the texts on your page and whether your images and videos are scalable. Sometimes even omitting some unimportant parts may be a good idea if it leaves room for certain crucial parts of the website to be clearly seen. From a users’ perspective, one of the greatest problems when scaling down websites is scaling down the buttons. Experts agree that the smallest functional button on a website should be 44px × 44px. When your business is providing services or selling products, you need to have your buttons, for example, “order” buttons, as functional as possible.

Responsive web design is an important aspect of every professional website as more and more people use their mobile phones and tablets to access the internet. This form of web design is also quite important for the future since technology continues to develop as the years go by. So, investing in your responsive web designing skills is basically investing in your website’s future.

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